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On Set - 'Rocketman' (2019)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

I am so excited because today is the day the official second trailer for 'Rocketman' comes out! I was lucky enough to get to work on this incredible film and I thought I would share some behind the scenes photos taken by myself.

Rocketman is a musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John's breakthrough years. It is due release at the end of May and stars Taron Egerton (Elton), Richard Madden (John Reid), Jamie Bell (Bernie Taupin) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Sheila Eileen) - as well as many, many other talented actors! It is directed by the wonderful Dexter Fletcher and written by Lee Hall.

Official Rocketman Poster

I moved over to London August 2018 and filming took around 3/4 months to complete. The majority of it was filmed at Bray Studios, Windsor, with some really fun locations too. We got to film in central London for a few scenes and spent a few days filming (my personal favourite scene) in the Waldorf, London. I can't give too much away as it's still early days, but let's just say a personal favourite Elton song is performed at this hotel by an actor I've admired for many years!

The crew on this film were so fantastic. By the end of the shoot, we'd all become a little family and hopefully I will see them again on other productions. It was a small crew, around 100-150 on set each day, which is super tiny compared to the scale of the last shoot I worked on, Game of Thrones, which seen almost 600 people a day. On Thrones, you felt more like a 'number' rather than a member of the crew, and I think that's why I enjoyed Rocketman so much because everybody knew everybody on set and were so open to becoming a friend rather than a co-worker. See below a couple of the cutest doggos that visited us on set! Not distracting at all ;)

Lola, the tiniest set dog I've ever held!

Roody being a good boy on set
I remember one of my first days on set I spent a good half of the day just watching Taron perform as Elton. He completely transformed into his character, from his costumes, to his voice to his overall presence. He's an incredible singer and I don't think they could've cast the role any differently. Click this link HERE and tell me otherwise! Having worked and studied costume, everyday I got so excited to see what extravagant costume Taron had on! My personal favourite is the white, feathered shoulder, leather jacket - I even considered re-making it for the wrap party!

Speaking of the wrap party!

We had our wrap party on November 1st and I'm pretty sure it was on the final day of shooting. It was held at Proud Embankment and the venue was still decorated from Halloween the night before, so it looked pretty dark and cool inside! We had a large photo-booth upstairs, free drinks and an awesome DJ. We got to see a sneak-peek of the some of the scenes, and it looks great! We also watched a blooper reel which involved some of the crew, so it was really sweet to see all the fun we'd been having on set.

Dexter, Taron and David Furnish (Elton's husband) all got up to give a speech. Everyone was so proud of this wonderful film and it really showed. David Furnish even got Elton to Facetime us which was such an unexpected surprise! It was one of the highlights of the night.

Elton Facetiming Us!
My bestie, Nathan, and I love to go all out for wrap parties - they are our absolute fave! We rented a cool warehouse/apartment for an after-party and gave it a BDSM theme (red lighting, props).

Glitter, Sunglasses and a Faux-Fur coat - my favourite combo!

Nathan in his favourite colour combo - black & gold

Outfit details!

Dress - Revolve (Rina Dress by Majorelle)
Jacket - New Look
Sunglasses - Pearl & Swine
Shoes - ASOS

Rocketman is an experience I will never forget. I can't wait for you guys to see this wonderful film on the big screen. Here's to the next one!

And here is the brand new trailer which has just dropped in - ENJOY!

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