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Pebble Grey Vanity Mirror Review

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lighting is key when doing your make-up and for the past 8 years I have been doing it in a dusty, dirty mirror sat under my window. I usually only wear make-up at night when I'm going out or have an event that evening, so the only light I have is whatever is coming from my main bedroom light (which also has a bright pink shade over it, so you can only imagine how terrible the lighting in my room is for doing my make-up in.)

That is why I was so extremely excited whenever I heard Pebble Grey were sending me out one of their illuminated vanity mirrors! I have seen and heard so much great things about this mirror through YouTube tutorials and other make-up influencers - and they swear by them! The bright, white ring light means it illuminates off your entire face and therefore you can see every tiny detail, which can be a little scary at first because it really does show up everything. I mean seriously, I had spots in places I had never noticed before! But fear not, this is exactly why the Pebble Grey illuminated vanity mirror is so brilliant. It ensures you will leave with a flawless face of make-up.

The mirror arrived very well packaged. It came in a large cardboard box and was secured by lots of bubble wrap (as it is obviously very delicate). It was larger than I was expecting, so I was happily surprised by that. I placed it in my bedroom and plugged it in straight away. You can flick the light on and off using a little switch on the base of the mirror. The inside mirror moves forwards/backwards (as seen in image below).

I had an important event coming up that week (which you will hear all about very soon), so I decided to hold out and use my new vanity mirror then.

When the time came to put the mirror to the make-up test, I was so happy with the results of my final look. I noticed how flawless my foundation looked, and I didn't miss any bits of my face, especially around the jawline where it is so easy to leave streaks. I also found it a lot easier to do my liquid liner. Before I just kind of winged it (no pun intended), and hoped for the best - but they never looked even! I think with having such great lighting, it allowed me to focus more easily when applying eye make-up.

This mirror isn't only a God-send for make-up lovers, but if you're like me and you're obsessed with skincare, then this mirror really does help see every little pore, hair and blemish. It's not good to pick at your spots, but if you decide to banish your pores using a skin care tool, then you'll be sure to expel every last one with the LED shining on your nose.

If you are a lover of make-up and having that flawless finish, then I highly recommend purchasing one of these vanity mirrors. I haven't gone back to my dusty mirror and I can't believe I had been using it for so long. No turning back now! Seriously, do yourself a favour, and buy one of these beauties.

Get it here!
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  1. This looks amazing I need a new mirror so this post was perfect! <3
    Chlo xx

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