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Fashionable Finale for the Future of Northern Irish Design

Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring has finally arrived and boy have I been busy. I have had an incredible and hectic week visiting London to celebrate the European premiere of 'Captain America: Civil War.' The atmosphere was indescribable and I can't wait to share my experience with you all!

As a costume designer and design student I am all about praising the future of upcoming fashion here in Northern Ireland. Over the past couple of years there has been huge success with young Irish designers, and it can only get better.

Future fashion designers from across Northern Ireland are this week putting the finishing touches to inspiring collections as they prepare to showcase their latest designs in the hotly anticipated Ulster University Graduate Fashion show which will take place at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on 26 May.

Stephen King MA Des RCA, Fashion Lecturer, Belfast School of Art at Ulster University said: “The students’ work on the catwalk will no doubt be a proud display of their unique style and individual vision. With some truly inspiring and creative pieces including knits, prints and jaw-dropping silhouettes in the mix, the students are sure to wow the audiences.

'Ambidextrous' - Sarah Walker

'Asylum' - Hannah Vail
“You wouldn’t believe how quickly the years fly in, one minute you have a room full of fresh faces, eager to learn new techniques and start designing, and then in the blink of an eye, just a few years later the same students have flourished into aspiring young designers, ready to showcase their own creations. Their development in itself is such an achievement and the standard of work produced each year is outstanding, so it’s exciting to see the students off with a finale like this catwalk showcase.”
Final year student Amy Scanlon talks of her collection: “From the conceptual idea in my head, to putting pen to paper and sketching out a 5 piece collection, right through to the uncountable and pain-staking hours at a knitting machine, it’s cathartic to come full circle now as we prepare for our pieces to come alive on real life models, with professional hair and make up to create a full fashion theatre experience.”

'Rue' - Amy Scanlon
Classmate Roseanna Crawford adds: “Having the show brings the whole project from academia to the commercial world, and it has certainly helped me learn the importance of things like commerciality versus creativity for example, so it is such a fantastic way to finish our degree and help launch our fashion careers.”

Roseanna's design is very fashion forward! The oversized look is hugely on-trend right now. This design looks incredibly comfortable and I am in love with the shape and structure.

'Vision' - Roseanna Crawford
The students will see their collections modelled on show producer Cathy Martin’s CMPR Models with hair perfectly styled by the inventive team at Andrew Mulvenna hair and beautiful make up looks created by the talented artists at MNX Pro.

'City Tribes' - Jose Varandas

'Decadence in a Time of Crisis' - Jeremy Huddleson
 Personally, Huddleson's 'Decadence in a Time of Crisis' is a favourite design of mine. It is so beautifully elegant. It reminds me of a gown Dita Von Teese would rock with a vibrant red lip.

'The Network Collection' - Gemma McAllister

'The Network Collection' - Gemma McAllister

'Urban Structure' - Cherith Hughes
This is for sure an event not to be missed! If you want to be in the know of all the latest and upcoming designers, I highly recommend this event. You never know, one of these students could be the next Vivienne Westwood!

Which design is your favourite? Let me know the comment box below and make sure to purchase a ticket to support up-and-coming fashion designers of Northern Ireland!

Tickets are on sale now at just £15 per ticket, which includes a fabulous goodie bag and are available from
4 comments on "Fashionable Finale for the Future of Northern Irish Design"
  1. Was a great exhibition, it's so exciting to see up and coming designers. My favourite pieces are the Rue design and Urban Structure

    1. I agree Mellissa, the future of fashion is so exciting! I can't wait to see what we will be wearing in 25 years time

    2. I agree Mellissa, the future of fashion is so exciting! I can't wait to see what we will be wearing in 25 years time

  2. Decadence in a time of crisis is also my favourite as I find it so unique and intriguing :)

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