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Why I Live by Coconut Oil (and why you should too)

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I have just had the most incredible coconut oil bath and it has inspired me to write this particular post. Ever since I bought my first jar of coconut oil about a year ago, I have researched and experimented with every technique I could possibly find on Pinterest. Here, I will tell you my favourites hints and tips and hopefully persuade you to go out and buy your own jar of coconut oil.

1.) Coconut Oil Bath - Yup, I have just had one and it my skin feels pretty damn good. I ran a hot bath and added a handful of coconut oil to the water. I tied my hair up and lit a 'Dragon's Blood' incense candle. Add a soothing soundtrack to the background and you're in heaven. Your skin will be feeling soft and smooth for days.

2.) Oil Pulling - The reason I bought a jar of coconut oil in the first place. It is recommended that every morning, as soon as you rise and before you have brushed your teeth, you should swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth. This technique pulls all nasty toxins from your body and improves your oral health. The first time I tried it, I spat it right back out. The texture is strange and it seems like a lot. My best advice is to start small (teaspoon) and bite on the oil (careful not to swallow any.) Biting into the oil will break it up much faster for you.

3.) Make-up Remover - Believe it or not, coconut oil is a natural make-up remover (it even removes mascara!). Not only does it remove make-up, but it is healthy for your skin and applying it around your eyes actually makes your eyelashes grow faster!

4.) DIY Lip Scrub - Coconut oil is perfect for any beauty DIY, but my favourite has to be the lip scrub. Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with two tablespoons of sugar and add a little bit of your favourite lip colour. Mix it all up and keep it in an old make-up pot. Tastes great and works wonders.

5.)  Massage Oil - My mum and I love nothing more than to massage each others feet (is that weird?) and we have tried many of oils and lotions. Coconut oil is probably my favourite as I love the scent and it isn't too greasy. Top tip - mix with salt to make a foot scrub.

6.) Overnight Hair Treatment - My mum has very fine and damaged hair so I suggested she use coconut oil as a natural treatment. Rub a small amount of oil into hair (concentrating on the ends), and comb through. Put hair in a loose bun and rinse out the next morning.

7.) Sunburn Treatment - After stupidly using the sun-bed for too long (and right before my school formal), I could hardly move my limbs and it hurt to sleep. I was bright red and looked ridiculous. I searched for help and learnt that coconut oil is a great moisturiser and soothes the skin.

8.)  Perfect for Pugs -  I clean the crease/fold above Olly's nose every other day. Any pug owner will know that it quickly fills up with dirt and can become very uncomfortable for them. Olly hates it, so after doing some quick research I learnt that using vaseline and a wipe will make it softer and more enjoyable for them. I didn't fancy using vaseline on my dog, so I decided to use coconut oil. It works just as well and Olly loves trying to lick and eat it afterwards!

9.)  Boost your Metabolism - It is proven that eating 2 tablespoons a day will rev up your metabolism!

10.)  Pan Frying - Instead of using cooking/vegetable oil when cooking your next meal, why not try coconut oil! Gives your meal a burst of flavours and is the healthier option. Tastes great when cooking curries such as Korma or Thai Green Curry

So there you have it, my top tips when using coconut oil. Has this post persuaded you to go out and buy a jar of coconut oil, or perhaps you have some hints of your own. Let me know in the comment section below and I look forward to reading them!

- KVL xo

32 comments on "Why I Live by Coconut Oil (and why you should too)"
  1. I've heard so much about coconut oil but had no idea how many different uses it had - thanks for sharing x

  2. Great post! I have never tried coconut oil in any of these ways. The bath sounds so relaxing!

  3. This oil is so versatile! I didn't know it had so many stunning properties! Thanks for sharing Miss!

  4. Oh, I can not live without coconut oil!

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  5. Coconut oil is a life saver. I love it so much. I recently started oil pulling & it's been amazing. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  6. I keep hearing about these Coconut Oils and haven't yet tried it out myself, but I really must do some time because they sound great! (:

  7. I agree... I love using coconut oil for skin moisturizing and as a hair product for deep conditioning. Great ideas!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: BeautyRoutine & Review (still an outfit post!)

  8. Ouuu I'd never heard of these uses!! :o gotta try them out!

    Xoxo Jessy

  9. Thanks for these amazing tips. xx


  10. I love the idea of a coconut oil hair mask! Great tips!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Actually never tried coconut oil in anything. But I love
    coconut water. Haha. That doesn't count.
    I think I should give it a shot and try some of your tips!
    Great blog!

    Much love

  12. Wow, never heard how to use it, thanks for tips!

  13. Coconut-Oil is really a wonder! Thank you for the additional tips.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  14. Great tips! I actually use this on my hair and as a lip scrub and I love it. I'm tempted to try oil pulling though although it sounds a little scary haha

  15. Wow that is wonderful post! Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  16. Wow! What amazing stuff, who knew it was so versatile???


  17. My husband loves coconut oil so we always have some in the house. I had no idea you could use it for so many things!

  18. I have never tried coconut oil but I certainly want to try it now to speed up my sluggish metabolism

  19. Coconut oil has sooo many uses, I always have a tub on the go! I use it as an over night hair treatment, as an eye cream, and I've been meaning to try out the oil pulling. I was using it as a makeup remover but I think it was too heavy on my skin as I kept getting lots of little bumps on my forehead - such a shame as it literally removes every trace of makeup!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  20. I am so glad you have shared this, I have been so curious about coconut oil and definitely want to give it a go sometime! At the moment I am using a coconut oil and egg whites shampoo to help my hair grow faster as well as keeping it healthy and it is working wonders!

  21. i've heard a lot about oil pulling lately, might have to try it!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  22. Ahh I'm literally just after covering myself in coconut oil and then I seen your post! I love it xx

    1. Isn't it amazing?! Lasts forever, too! I hope you're keeping well xx

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