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Saturday, February 21, 2015

I wanted to create a personal space where I could both work and relax. I have my bed in one corner and my office space in another. If anything represents me perfectly, it's my bedroom. Lots of pink, lots of floral and each little piece of decor depicts me one way or another. 

Most of my furniture has been purchased from Ikea, and in regards to curtains, bedding and wallpaper, all has been purchased from Cath Kidston. 

I have tried to label most items, but if you spy anything that tickles your fancy, comment below and I'd be happy to help.

How does your bedroom represent you? Comment below!

- KVL xo
8 comments on "Room Tour"
  1. Your room is SO COOL. I am very jealous!

  2. You have such a lovely and cosy room! I think mine does represent me although if I could it would have a load more fairylights :p btw your desk is so nice and i love those pink shelves! x
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  3. Your room is so cute! I agree with you splitting up your bedroom a work space and a sleeping space! x

  4. I love your desk area, not going to lie a tad bit jealous ;)
    Lovely wallpaper as well <3


  5. I've nominated you for TWO awards! Check out my blog for more info!

    Bloggerella xxx

  6. Great blog♥

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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    1. thank you, Julie!

      I have followed you now :)

      - KVL xo


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